Festival of Trees

History, Mission and Overview


Established in 2010, the LLB Festival of Trees exists for three main reasons:

  • to provide an environment for students to volunteer and develop their citizenship skills and give back to their community.
  • to provide a low-cost-community-family-oriented event to enhance our community.
  • to provide funds to support children and youth organizations and non-profit organizations whose objective is to enhance the lives of children, and of youth in Lac La Biche County.

There is NO cost for entry to the attend the festival, however, individuals are encouraged to bring a food donation, kitty liter, unwrapped toy or warm clothing-new or  gently used and/or monetary donation.

Taking place each year, during either the third or fourth weekend in November, the annual- festival is a flagship fundraiser and family-fun event founded by the J. A. Williams High School, part of Northern Lights Public Schools that has become one of the "most looked forward" signature events in our community. Throughout the festival, there are organized activities for every age group to participate in and we try and introduce new activities yearly. This festival showcases the LLB area's culture and arts and the generous spirit of the community comes through to all who take part. 

The committee would like to acknowledge the JAWS mother who's brainwave started this whole festival: thank you to Roseann Wilson.

We want a partner!

As mentioned above, the annual festival that was founded by the J. A. Williams High School, part of Northern Lights Public Schools in 2012  partnered with the Lac La Biche Lions Club to be the registered society that the festival runs under.

Why start a partnership?

After two years of organizing a success festival at the school, the JAWS parent/staff Festival Committee did not want to become a full pledge non-profit organization with their own executive, with the ability to give out tax receipts. The committee realized this was what was required to continue to run a successful festival. The committee just wanted to organize the event, put it on, debrief, improve and do it all over again! After approaching another organization and getting turned down; they looked into the local Lions Club. The Lions Club mandate was inline with the festival’s goals, so this club was approached and the partnership relationship began. The Lac La Biche Lions Club, officially became the umbrella-non-profit-organization that the LLB Festival of Trees is now run under. 2012 began the first year the finances and books were the LLB Lion's Club responsibility.


The LLB Festival of Trees is only possible through the support of the whole community and all the volunteers and groups who give their time, organize and run their activities to make the whole festival happen and come together. The festival is about having family and children activities to participate in to create fun and memories; with very little cost, to help increase family and community wellness and help spread HOPE and JOY through out the county. 

NOTE: some event below may not be part of the festival, depending on the year and the organization's wishes.

  • County of Lac La Biche: provides a grant to help with Bold Center rental expenses
  • Cenovus: helps pay for Child Mind at the Bold Center during the weekend  
  • Cenovus Family Skate: family activity sponsored by Cenovus
  • ALPAC Family Swim: family activity sponsored by ALPAC
  • Boom 103.5coverage that helps get the word out there!
  • Lakeland This Week: assists with great stories and coverage 
  • Coat Check hosted by Ecole Sainte-Catherine School PAC
  • Santa and a book present sponsored by PAL Community Living
    • Booked Santa pictures are hosted by LLB Kinette Club 
    • Public Santa and Mrs. Claus visits hosted by Stone Soup
    • Santa letters: a chance to write your letter and get it delivered to North Pole
    • Cookie Walk fundraiser hosted by LLB Kinette Club and found in the shopping area
  • Children’s Festival with activities to participate in:
    • Kinsmen sponsored bouncy houses hosted by FCSS and student volunteers from The Next Generation
    • Sunday activities hosted by Hope Haven and LLB Aboriginal Head Start
  • Pet and Cuddle and 50/50 hosted by LLB Regional Human Society (if enough volunteers to run)
  • Health and Wellness hot chocolate hosted by Successful Families Successful Kids NLPSD
  • Coloring Contest sponsored by Bargain Shop
  • Tall Elf and Assistant Visit to giving away a PAL book to promote reading and literacy
  • Community Giving Tree hosted by JAWS Interact
  • Senior Bingo Night hosted by JAWS Community Helpers
  • Two Pancake Breakfasts hosted by Kidsport and Kinsmen
  • Ginger Bread Challenge sponsored by Portage College
  • Learn to Curl : Fun-Fit-Family-Friday sponsored by Festival of Trees Committee
  • TREE ROOM: an opportunity for local businesses and groups to advertise and give back support by creating and donating a decorated tree or even volunteering to help supervise-like Servus Credit Union Staff sometimes does
  • $1.00 Tree Raffle of over 60 trees: so any family can win. After expenses, proceeds go to local non profit organizations, including school groups. (50groups+)
  • Saturday night supper and show hosted and proceeds to the Northern Beat Dance Club STEP
  • Senior Tea hosted by the LLB Boreal Junior Forest Warden Club and JAWS Grad
  • The Fabulous North Art Exhibit and Show: LLB Art Club and JAWS Art Program- 3 days
  • JAWS Athletic Program organize a Concession Booth 
  • School and Community Choir and Band Performances: celebrating culture and music in our county
  • Senior Sneak and Peak Kickoff Event: an FCSS outing with tea and entertainment 
  • Friday Paint Night and Evening Out hosted by LLB Gymnastics Club 
  • Thursday Night FREE Family Movie hosted by JAWS 
  • Tree Ticket Labels made by PWRCRS to save you time writing out your information
  • Participation in Santa Parade by Festival of trees hosted by JAWS Drama


  • Santa’s Helpers: but asked to please bring a new toy that we collect for their campaign or monetary donation
  • Waskaysoo Food Bank: but please bring items for their bank or monetary donation
  • Out Of The Elements:  but please bring items for their campaign (warm clothes, socks, mitts) or monetary donation
  • STONE SOUP: but please bring food or money to help fund the program


  • Shopping Extravaganza: stand alone event hosted by Bev Tkachuk sharing the three day weekend (including Friday LLB Farmers Market) contact 780 623 8002 or btkachuk@mcsnet.ca
    • local vendors are able to display and sell their wares
    • non-profit organizations are able to arrange for a table to raise fundraising dollars
    • assistance with setup and take down: local club will receive a donation
    • Celebrity Character appearance: honorarium received
    • Organizer of a vender donation raffle with proceed to Kids Are Worth It: breakfast program
  • Hockey Tournament: U11 Clippers meet Festival of Trees

REMEMBER-after expenses, overall money raised by this festival is given back to local children groups and non profit organizations.

  • After the Kick-Off at the local Farmer's Market; non-profit group and organizations help out by selling tree tickets two weeks ahead in three different business and  then are part of the groups receiving money from the festival.

Now that you understand how wonderful our festival is, we want to personally invite your company and families to come out and be part of this local community event of fun and creating good deeds, memories and spreading HOPE.

See You THERE!!


Check out the face book page for more information:https://www.facebook.com/festivaloftreesllb/


Contact Pat Boon-Anderson, Festival Chair 780 404 7911