Chemistry 20 Syllabus

Chemistry 20 Syllabus


  1. Nelson Chemistry Alberta 20-30 (Textbook)
  2. Supplies needed:
    1. Student Supplied:
      1. Binder, paper, pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, graph paper, crayons or markers
      2. Calculator
      3. You…

Course Objectives

The main goals of this course will be to prepare students for:

  • Have a greater scientific understanding the world around you
  • Appreciate and value science
  • Commit themselves to lifelong learning
  • Using scientific reasoning in everyday life
  • Incorporate technology into student’s lives

Timeline of Content

Unit A: The Diversity of Matter and Chemical Bonding     (15% of Total Mark)

                                            (Exam 9% of total mark)

                                            (Assignments 6% of total mark)

Unit B: Forms of Matter: Gases                         (10% of Total Mark)

                                            (Exam 6.6% of total mark)

                                            (Assignments 3.3% of total mark)

Unit C: Matter as Solutions, Acids and Bases            (20% of Total Mark)

                                            (Exam 13.3% of total mark)

                                            (Assignments 6.6% of total mark)

Unit D: Quantitative Relationships in Chemical Changes     (25% of Total Mark)

                                            (Exam 16.6% of total mark)

                                            (Assignments 8.3% of total mark)

Course Evaluation

Coursework                                     70%

(Classroom Work: 66% for Exams and 33% for Projects/Labs)

Final                                         30%


  • Students are expected to come to class prepared and on time. Having your texts, completed assignments, necessary calculators, pencils and erasers are expected. Binders/Notebooks are necessary for Science. It is expected that all notes/examples provided will be written down during the lesson
  • Lates will not be tolerated
  • If you miss a class, you are responsible for finding out specifically what you missed from another student in the class or from the website and are prepared to participate in the next class. That means taking your notes home every night so you are prepared if you miss a day. All homework is posted on the whiteboard and online on my website.
  • All exams, quizzes, and assignments must be written on the scheduled day unless prior arrangements have been made. All inexcusable absences will result in a mark of “0- missing” and will remain until student has demonstrated knowledge of the objective being assessed. Students missing quizzes, projects, or assignments will be expected to write during the noon hour on next school day.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to be re-assessed on objectives after proving commitment on the behalf of the student to increase their knowledge. This will be demonstrated through remedial work, tutoring sessions, and/or extra assignments completed by the student prior to a reassessment date.
  • Students may only be re-assessed unit exams, one quiz or project from each unit will be reassessed per unit exam.  
  • The new assessment may or may not be of the same blend or style of questions. 
  • All work submitted must be neat and well labelled. If I can’t read it… I can’t mark it.
  • Technology such as Cell Phone, iPods, Tablets, Computers are the sole responsibility of the student to use effectively for ONLY classroom uses. You may only use your technology when I’ve given consent. If you misuse your technology it will result in it being confiscated for the day. With subsequent offences the technology will be turned into the office where a parent will have to come and pick up the technology. If you bring technology to the classroom it needs to be on silent and not out without consent.
  • Water Bottles will be allowed during class time.
  • If you need to leave the class you must write your name in the record book at the front of the room. ONLY 1 student may be out of the room at any one time. That student must return before another student is allowed to leave.
  • Please feel free to contact me via email.