Scenario 1: In-school classes

All staff, students and visitors are required to complete the Daily Self-Screening for COVID-19. Individuals who answer No to all of the questions may attend school. Individuals who answer Yes to any of the questions may not enter the school, and should immediately self-isolate and use the AHS Online Assessment Tool or call 811 for further direction.

Learning Commons


A Learning Commons (Library Space) is an inclusive flexible, learner-centered, physical and/or virtual space for collaboration, inquiry, imagination and play to expand and deepen learning.

We strive to provide a friendly, welcoming, safe space for all students at JAWS.  Some benefits with our Learning Commons space are; signing out fiction & non-fiction resources, textbooks, English study novels, Chromebooks, scientific calculators and headsets.  Our 1100 sq ft space is designed to allow quiet reading/studying space with comfortable seating for individuals or several round tables which accommodate group project/discussion work.

Our Learning Commons can also facilitate students who wish to earn work experience credits, comfortably work on Distance Learning Ed. Courses, meet with staff who spearhead extracurricular groups, create art/draw and take a ‘Brain Break’ at our ‘Makerspace’ nook or, gather with friends at noon to play many of our available card & board games.