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Photo of Samear Abougouche

Samear Abougouche


Photo of Kim Nashim

Kim Nashim

Assistant Principal

Photo of Charissa Delaire

Charissa Delaire

Assistant Principal

Administrative Assistants

Photo of Sandy Cadieux

Sandy Cadieux

Photo of Lorri Waine

Lorri Waine

Student Records


placeholder image for Shelley Bertchi

Shelley Bertchi

Photo of Andrew Booth

Andrew Booth

Photo of Andre Bourassa

Andre Bourassa

Photo of Wade Coutney

Wade Coutney

Photo of Matt Dyck

Matt Dyck

Photo of Marlo Hanson

Marlo Hanson

Photo of Melanie Harpe

Melanie Harpe

Photo of Pat Lyons

Pat Lyons

Photo of Jen Mah

Jen Mah

Photo of Amena McKay

Amena McKay

Photo of Pat Meyer

Pat Meyer

Photo of Jake Nowicki

Jake Nowicki

Photo of Michael Pruden

Michael Pruden

Photo of Andrew Przybykski

Andrew Przybykski

Photo of Bonita Schreiner

Bonita Schreiner

Photo of Chelsey St. Louis

Chelsey St. Louis

Photo of Andrew Swainson

Andrew Swainson

Photo of Mitch Wainman

Mitch Wainman

placeholder image for Danika White

Danika White

Photo of Matt White

Matt White

Photo of Karin Wipfli

Karin Wipfli

Support Staff

placeholder image for Marty Boucher

Marty Boucher

placeholder image for Kalan Britton

Kalan Britton

placeholder image for Amy Cadieux

Amy Cadieux

Photo of Houriah Fayad

Houriah Fayad

placeholder image for Nouhad Fayad

Nouhad Fayad

Photo of Heleme Fyith

Heleme Fyith

JAWS Student Advocacy Counselor

placeholder image for Hillary Gagnon

Hillary Gagnon

Photo of Ashley Gordey

Ashley Gordey

JAWS Student Advocacy Counselor

Photo of Missy Jacknife

Missy Jacknife

JAWS FNMI Grad Coach

placeholder image for Amy Janzen

Amy Janzen

Photo of Jesse Kehr

Jesse Kehr


Photo of Marlene Knott

Marlene Knott

Photo of Crystal Lavallee-Shirt

Crystal Lavallee-Shirt

Photo of Jamie Matwiiw

Jamie Matwiiw

Photo of Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson