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December 2022 - Gratitude

Hello and welcome to our December counselling blog!

Last month JAWS students and staff learned more about healthy relationships. Students explored their personal boundaries and what they can contribute to the relationships in their life. 

This month we are focusing on gratitude. Studies show that regularly practicing gratitude can lead to greater happiness (Harvard Health Publishing, 2022). These positive emotions can improve overall health, contribute to healthy relationships, and aid in overcoming times of adversity. Gratitude allows us to focus on the present moment and build empathy for others, creating greater happiness. As Louie Schwartzberg stated, “it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy”. 

The attitude of gratitude.. 

- Help JAWS practice gratitude by stopping at Student Services and adding what you are grateful for into our gratitude jar!  

- Start writing down 3 things you are grateful for each day and watch your happiness grow!

Here is more information about the benefits of practising gratitude: 

Gratitude for Teens - Article

The Science of Gratitude - Video

Meditation for Gratitude - 10 Meditation Scripts


For more resources, check out the Gratitude page of the NLPS website.

If you would like us to connect with your child or your family, you can contact us at the school at 780-623-4271.

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